Oct 10, 2016
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10 Easy Makeup Tips That Will Simplify Your Life

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10 Easy Makeup Tips That Will Simplify Your Life. Ahhh, the delights of cosmetics. Smooth lipsticks, shimmery shadows, becoming flushed reddens and smooth liners.

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To me remaining before a restorative show is pretty much as alluring as remaining before a treat counter. Scrumptious! When we were more youthful we viewed our mothers put on cosmetics and we couldn’t sit tight for our day to come. Those truly hued eye shadows and liners, reddens, lipsticks and establishments, they are simply marvelous! It’s unquestionably a ceremony of an entry.

It’s entertaining however… when we were more youthful we so needed to look more seasoned, more charming and refined. In any case, when we get somewhat more seasoned we understand we need our cosmetics to transport our things back in time so we resemble a more energetic adaptation of our great old self. Only somewhat more youthful will do.

Here are 10 makeup tips to make you look younger instantly:

1. Go Glossy

When it comes to our lips, we long for a perfect pouty puss. When choosing your lipstick shades, ditch the darker colors for lighter ones. Dark reds and deep berry colors can definitely make you look older than necessary. Remember our lips start to get a bit thinner and they lose their definition as we age. Reach for the perfect nude, natural, rosy or mauve shade that contains just a pinch of pink. Go ahead and apply your lip shade as you normally would do. Then add a splash of gloss to the center of your lips. That little touch of gloss will give you a much more youthful and sexy pout.

2. Lift those lids


Ahh, my favorite beauty tool with yet another great use. The eyelash curler! Besides curling your lashes to open up those beautiful eyes, this amazing beauty device can actually help lift the appearance of those sagging eye lids.   Unfortunately our lashes tend to lay flatter as we age and they need a little pick me up. Avoid applying mascara on your bottom lids to lift your look even more.

3. Powder beware

Remember circa 1980-when everyone had a matte face? Well it’s 2015 and we definitely want to avoid covering our beautiful skin with heavy powders and cover-ups. Does that mean you have to go powder less? No way. Just look for loose powders and use them with a light hand. The less powder you apply to your skin the more dewy and youthful it will look. Remember those powders have a way of seeping into any fine lines and wrinkles that you may have. When they do, they draw attention, and not in a good way.

 4. Hide the imperfections

As we age, we tend to build up skin imperfections. That savage tan achieved after that first sunburn you experienced on spring break in 1998 has probably left you with a few spots on your skin. Or perhaps you have broken capillaries or ruddy skin. Let’s hide those little imperfections in an effort to turn back the hands of time. Choose a very lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer with medium coverage to hide these skin imperfections. Silicone-based foundations will provide your skin with a more dewy or glowing appearance that will lend perfectly to a youthful appearance.

Top Tip: Don’t overdo it. Start applying only to those areas of concern. Perhaps it’s around the nose or on your chin. No need to cover your entire face with foundation if it’s not necessary. Apply lightly and build up to your perfect look.

 5. Line the eyes

We definitely want to line our top lash line with eyeliner to make our eyes pop but we have to be careful. Choose a beautiful, deep brown color instead of black. A rich brown color will give you the intensity that you are looking for but it won’t be so harsh. And you will get that eye opening lift you desire. Remember, no need to go too thick and heavy.We don’t want to weigh the appearance of our lids down, we want to uplift them. If you have lids that are more droopy or hooded, then you may want to create a very thin line or skip lining all together. Should you choose to wear liner, try angling the liner at 45 degrees to give the appearance of a more lifted lid.   Avoid applying liner to your lower lids. If you simply can’t go without liner on your lower lid, choose a lighter shade such as a very light brown or grey.

 6. A blush color unique to you


Looking for the perfect, youthful shade of blush? Here’s a little trick for you. Lightly pinch your cheeks, the same way you do before you take a photo, and try to match this flushed color to your blush. It’s more natural and youthful looking. Don’t apply your blush too low on your cheekbone. This can pull your features down. The higher the blush the more definition you will have and your features will be lifted. Remember apply lightly, build gradually, and brush upwards and outwards.

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7. Lighten up the shadow

Remember light and bright speaks to youth. Try wearing eye shadow shades in lighter, shimmery colors found in a more natural palate. And, avoid the darker browns, purples and black colors. Light and bright is what we are striving for. For a bit of a pop, apply your lightest shade near the peak of your eyebrow, under and over, and the inner corners of your eyes.

Top Tip: Look for creamy shadows instead of powders. Powders can creep into our fine lines and wrinkles making them much more noticeable.

8. No harsh brows

O.K., so we all like to fill in our eyebrows so they look fuller and have stronger definition, especially when they start to get a bit thin as we age. We just need to be careful with our approach. Lighten up a bit on both color and application to look more youthful. Brows that are too dark can really drag down a beautiful face. By choosing a lighter shade, you can fill away and create gorgeous full looking brows without adding years to your appearance.

9. Look for length not weight

Our lashes tend to get a bit thinner as we age unfortunately. We start to think that we need to thicken them up a bit by applying thickening formula mascara. Makes sense but, here’s the thing, our lashes are already thinning and they can’t really support the heavy mascaras used to thicken the lashes. It can be quite counterproductive. Instead, try a nice lengthening mascara that will provide you with gorgeous color but won’t look too weighted down and heavy for your eyes.

10. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

This is the easiest and probably the most important tip. We need to hydrate inside and out. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and apply our day and nighttime moisturizers religiously. When it comes to your makeup, keep an eye open for moisturizing and hydrating products as well. Avoid the powders and hunt down the creams. Hydrated skin looks soft and supple and is one of the very best things we can do for our bodies.

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