Sep 29, 2015
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Avoid Doing This Hair style if You Want Pretty Strands

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Avoid doing this hair style if you want pretty strands. It’s easy to get into a routine with your hair – you wash it, you brush it, you dry it, you style it, maybe sometimes you throw it in a ponytail or whip up a braid.

Check out Causes And Treatment Of Hair LossThe problem with some of our little habits is that they make our hair stylists’ heads spin –  because these are the things that are keeping us from having the lush, healthy, shiny hair we keep begging them for.

Find out what you’re guilty of – and the effective tweaks to remedy your routine.

Pulling on Split Ends

You wouldn’t believe how many women pulling on their split ends. Yes, you may momentarily get rid of it, but you’re actually shredding the hair, and creating a more uneven split end that’s harder to fix. Instead, snip it off with very sharp scissors. Then it’s gone forever. And you can make an appointment to get a haircut.

Styling Wet Hair With Heat

Women use heated styling tools when their hair is still wet, which literally fries the hair. In order to use heat without damage, the hair has to be completely dry. If you finish blow-drying and the hair feels cold, that’s a sign that there’s still moisture in it- so keep going.

Brushing Wet Hair

It’s not a good idea to brush wet hair with any old brush. A wide-tooth comb is a better bet. It’s shaped like a little foot and fits snug in your palm. It doesn’t pull or tug on the hair and can be used on any texture or length.

Sleeping in a Ponytail

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Sleeping in a ponytail causes breakage right at the crown of the head, or wherever the elastic is placed. If you like your hair off your face, sleep in a loose braid off to the side, secured right at the end as loose as you can.

Spraying Too Close to Your Head

Most of woman mist aerosol products like dry shampoo and hairspray, but with the can two inches from their heads – and then wonder why they’re left with a big white patch or slick spray spot. Instead, give the can a good shake for better product distribution, then extend your spraying arm out all the way and spray away. Aerosol products work best when they’re exposed to air before they reach the head.

Still Using Regular Elastics

Rubber bands snag the hair when you loop it around too many times, and tears it when you take it out. Instead, use these great hooked hair ties. Hook one side into the ponytail while you’re still holding your hair in your hands, then wrap the bungee around the ponytail and clasp the ends together.

Brushing From Roots to Ends

You can literally hear the hair breaking. Instead, start at the ends and remove the tangles there first. Then work your way up towards the root. That way, you’re reducing split ends and frizzy broken bits.

Cutting Your hair to Make it Grow

Many women believe that cutting their hair helps it grow. For every few inches you’re trimming, you’re actually adding months to your growing time. Instead, try fewer washings, less heated styling and blow drying, and more deep conditioning. Hair looks longer and fuller when it’s healthier and stronger.

Using Clarifying Shampoos

Clarifying shampoos are actually damaging since they literally strip away all the good oils and make your scalp overproduce – essentially making your hair greasy all over again. Instead, try a volume-enhancing shampoo and conditioner which degrease without stripping out the good.

Towel-Drying Your Hair

It drives me crazy when I see woman towel-dry their hair by messing it up in every direction, which just roughs-up the delicate cuticle. When the cuticles are closed, they reflect light and hair appears smooth and shiny. When they’re open, hair looks dry, dull and coarse. Instead, when you’re towel-drying, wring your hair out, moving downwards from root to ends.

Using Too Much Dry Shampoo

If you use dry shampoo or texturizing spray more than twice a week, you’re likely dehydrating your scalp, which can make the hair weaker and more prone to breakage.

Love Your Hair and Wash It Properly!

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