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Create a Cute Flower on Your Nails

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Here’s a simple how-to for creating flower nail art with easy to find tools.

You’ll need :

  • Multiple shades of nail polish (we recommended 4)
  • A pen or pointy cotton swabs
  • A thin paint brush

Step 1
Apply a light nail polish shade as a base to all of your nails

Step 2
Next create dots on the nail bed by dipping the point of a pen or pointy cotton swab into a darker shade of nail polish. Be sure to leave empty space along the top and side of your nails – this will be where you create your flowers.

Step 3
Now create your flowers. Dip a thin paintbrush into a different  shade of nail polish and create petals that meet at the edge of the nail.

Step 4
Next create the centre of your flower. Dip the tip of a pen in a contrasting colour, then dot a circle of colour at the centre of where you petals meet.

Step 5
Add a smaller dot to the centre of your circle using a pointed cotton swab

Step 6
Let dry, then show off your custom girls!

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