Oct 14, 2018
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Creative Couple Halloween Costumes

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Creative couple halloween costumes. The photos alone are worth the effort of these group Halloween costumes – like this modern day Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf couple’s costume.

Check out Creative Group Halloween Costumes

You’ll obviously be spending Halloween with your best buds and/or your significant other so why not talk to your pals about collaborating on a super sweet couple costume?

The photos alone are worth the effort and, with so many great options, your friends are sure to be ready to jump on the bandwagon.

Check out some of these great couple costume ideas – starting with costume ideas for two.

Two People and/or Couples

1. Mary Poppins and Chimney Sweep

Creative Couple Halloween Costumes

There’s only one word to describe this costume duo and it’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

2. Daria and Jane

Creative Couple Halloween Costumes

Get animated…or lack thereof (yes, technically they are animated characters who don’t act so animated in life) and embrace the sick sad world of Daria Morgendorffer and her best bud Jane Lane. Creative couple halloween costumes.. The costumes are simple, fun and you get to have a constant annoyed expression on your face, which is a bonus.

3. Popeye and Olive Oyl

Creative Couple Halloween Costumes

Dress up as everyone’s favorite dynamic duo: the spinach-loving sailor and the lovely lady he only had eyes for. Don’t forget to take a can of spinach along!

4. Wayne and Garth (Wayne’s World)

Creative Couple Halloween Costumes

Party on! Dress up as Wayne and Garth to embrace your inner dudes – imagine how fun it would be to totally take on their personas for an entire night. Sh’yeah!

5. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Creative Couple Halloween Costumes

What could be cuter than dressing up as beloved classic characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse? It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy and a girl or both girls (see photo) – the possibilities of creating your own adorable look are endless.

6. Sophia Grace and Rosie

Creative Couple Halloween Costumes

Combine your love for Ellen and all things adorable by dressing up as two of her favorite little guests of The Ellen DeGeneres Show this year. Sassy attitude required.

7. John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Creative Couple Halloween Costumes

Want a Halloween costume that’s chic and creative at the same time? Try dressing up as an iconic couple, like Lennon and Yoko. Bonus: you can likely use items from your closets to create the costume and craft your own “peace” sign.

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