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Get to Know a Tips To Paint Your Nails Quickly

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Have you ever been in a rush and soon realized your nails aren’t painted? We’ll there is no time to waste, this article will show you exactly how to paint your nails in record time.

Get Everything Ready
Start by choosing your desired colour and then if your nails already have varnish on them, give them a quick clean with some remover.

File Your Nails.
The best shape is in a ‘squircle’. Apply some hand moisturizer to moisten the hands.

Start Painting
The best easy way to do it is to do one stroke on each edge of the tail and then one down the center.

Wait for Them to Dry
Most nails polishes will say ‘quick drying – will dry in 1 minute’ the truth is , they don’t all dry in one minute. After one minute they are a little soft, but you will have to wait maybe  5 minute until it is actually dry.

Tips :

  • Use a hair dryer on the cold setting and try to dry your nails with it. It works on hair, so it should work on nails.

Warning :

  • Don’t rush your nails. You will most likely get clumps, spill it, mess up, or get it on your skin.
  • Even if you’re in a rush, it’s important to focus on the task at hand.
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