Nov 2, 2017
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Hand Care Tips at Home For Beautiful Hands

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Hand Care Tips at Home For Beautiful Hands. Hands are one of the very important parts of the body. With the help of hands you can do many things.

Check out How can you make Sunscreen at Home?Infect a person does all his/her important things by the help of their hands. All the daily life work is done by hands. We eat, drink, drive, work, play and pray with the help of our hands that God has blessed us with. A person should realize that without hands nothing is possible and the life is very difficult to survive. Hands are made for both purposes for example, holding a large object and picking up a small object. These properties of beautiful hands are also known as gross motor and fine motor skills.

The skin on hands

Hands have five fingers each and have prints on them which are a source of sensitive touch and are also for good grasping effects. The skin on hands is made very sensitive to feel every kind of surface weather hard or soft. Each human hand consists of 27 bones that connect finger to the main part. The bone connecting the fingers to the main part (wrist) is called metacarpal.

Hand Care Tips at Home For Beautiful Hands

Among body parts hands are also the part of the body that are not covered and remain visible to the environment and since we almost do everything with the help of hands they are not safe from germs and outer bacteria’s. Bacteria’s in our environment can affect our hands very dangerously. There are many kinds of diseases that a human hand can have.

In order to make your hands beautiful and attractive you have to use some natural homemade beauty tips and tricks for hands.

Homemade beauty tips and tricks for hands

1. Before sleeping every night you should mix glycerin and rose water properly and apply the solution on your hands. This will make your hands smooth and gentle.
2. For hard and rough hands mix petroleum jelly with carbolic acid and apply on your hands daily.
3. Mix small bottle of glycerin with the white part of an egg and add the same amount of honey as the glycerin. Mix this solution properly and apply it on your hands.
4. Take the yellow part of an egg in a bowl and add almonds in it then mix it with some rose water and one lemon juice. Stir this paste for some time and massage it on your hands daily.
5. To make your hand muscles rest, put them in Luke warm water for at least 20 minutes.
6. Always use sun block cream when going out in the sun.
7. In order to make your hands look beautiful, you have to cut your hand nails properly. Because nails have dirt inside and they look hideous and dirty.
8. As the age passes the joints of the hands start to swell and do not look good. In order to make this stop you have to exercise daily.
9. Rub your hands on each other and keep doing this exercise for at least 5 minutes daily. Pull your fingers one by one, by doing so your muscles will be relaxed.
10. To make your hands beautiful, take raw milk and add lemon juice and honey in it and stir this mixture until it becomes a thick paste. Then apply it on your hands.

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