May 16, 2018
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How to get rid of dark spots on face

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Now a days dark spots is common problem for both men and women.

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DARK SPOTS ON FACE” which means to have a different colored spots on face having uneven skin tone this is mainly due to the increase of a pigment named as melanin which determines the skin color of the body. e.g brown spots on skin.

Genetics also plays an important role in producing dark spots on face but exposure to UV rays and sunlight are the main causes of dark spots. Dark spots are also produced naturally as increase in age because the levels of melanin increase with respect to the age.

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Tips and Treatment For Removing Dark Spots On Face

  1. Clothes:

    For men clothes are not a bid issue but for women clothes can produce dark spot on their body. Especially because of under garments, due to their stiffness and material used the skin color can dramatically change. Both men and women wearing tight cloths can make the skin itchy and will irritate and produce discoloration on the spot.

  2. Face Hair Removal:

    This case is mostly common in women who try different techniques fat facial hair removal which indirectly hurts the inner surface of the skin and become the cause of dark spots on face. Women use different creams, tweezers or wax but braking hair from its roots and using chemicals causes the skin to inflame which paves the skin toward discoloration.

  3. Hormonal changes:

    Hormonal changes mainly occur at the age of puberty or pregnancy in case of women. These thing changes the rate of chemicals within the body and imbalances it. For many people these hormonal changes do not affect them but for many others they can appear like as dark spots.

  4. Food:

    It is quite awkward to think that as if changing for balancing you diet can change your body physically. Yes its true by eating a healthy diet can change your body in a good and effective way but by too much food causes unhealthy effects. Like eating fruits having citrus which contains botanic substances that produces photo toxic reaction when exposed to sunlight can cause skin burn. Same like if you put some fruit juice in your hand and then expose it to sunlight it will produce skin burn and discolored steaks.

How to get rid of dark spots on face?

Now I will tell you about some of the tips to get rid of dark spots on face which are as follows:

  • Make a paste like cream which contains kesar, a half tomato, turmeric and milk. Everyday apply this paste for 15 minutes.
  • Cabbage can also help to reduce black spots. Only apply Grinned cabbage on you face as face mask.
  • Lemons are not good for dark spots but when mixed with aloe Vera it has different effects. Mix few drops of lemon in aloe Vera and apply it as face pack it gives a better result.
  • Apply potato paste on dark spotted area and leave it for 1 or 2 hour it also has a good effect.
  • Eating carrots daily can also help reducing dark spots and circles.

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