Nov 3, 2018
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How To Keep Kitchen Neat And Clean

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How To Keep Kitchen Neat And Clean. Kitchen is considered as heart area of the house. It usually gets dirty quickly. Kitchen is most important area of the house that should be clean. It is the area which is used to cook food and it should be kept neat and clean free.

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Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to keep your kitchen clean.

Make sure sink is empty:

How To Keep Kitchen Neat And Clean

It is very important to empty the sink before going out from the kitchen. It will not give good impression when your sink is filled with too many messy tools. After washing dishes clean and wash the sink it will give you good feeling.

Garbage bowl:

How To Keep Kitchen Neat And Clean

Garbage bowl is very good when you are working g in kitchen. Use garbage bowl when there is some stuff you want to throw in bin. It will make the task easy and efficient.

Keep bottle with soapy water:

How To Keep Kitchen Neat And Clean

It is one of the best techniques to keep the kitchen clean. Where there is any spot spray this soapy water and rub it with clean cloth, it will remove the spot from any area. Keep all the liquids that are used for cleaning visible.

Get rid of house flies:

How To Keep Kitchen Neat And Clean

The buzzing sound of flies is not enjoyed by anyone. To get rid from this problem the solution is very simple. House flies hate the odor and placing whole cloves near doorways and windows can turn them off from coming inside. In this way you can keep the kitchen free of flies.

Use fewer utensils:

How To Keep Kitchen Neat And Clean

Try to use few plates or dishes during working in kitchen it means you need to wash less plates. If you’re preparing a lot of similar ingredients, see if you can mix them all together in the same bowl without even washing it in between. Try to do multitasking in kitchen. Start washing dishes when you are done with it will help you in keeping kitchen clean.

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Adjust the schedule:

How To Keep Kitchen Neat And Clean

Set the schedule for you it will make the task easier. Divide the days for cleaning the kitchen like floor, sink, dishes, setting cupboard, and clean out your refrigerator, wipe down shelves and tidy freezer. Microwave should be cleaned on daily basis. Clean all the shelves in the kitchen. Remove garbage from the kitchen it will give bad impression.

Develop habits of cleaning:

How To Keep Kitchen Neat And Clean

After working in kitchen clean the areas where you worked. Develop the habit of doing task quickly do not leave it for some other time. Set the bin near the counter and drop everything in it after using. Do not leave your kitchen unclean for long time period clean it side by side. Clean your kitchen when your cake needs to bake for fifteen to twenty minutes than clean all the mess in the will make the task easy for you.

Cheaper spray:

How To Keep Kitchen Neat And Clean

This liquid is very cheap which can be made in home and can be used while cleaning the kitchen. This spray is cost effective. Take lemon juice, water and vinegar in equal amount. Spray it when you clean your kitchen it will help you to remove all spots.

In this article I have discussed many tips and tricks for cleaning kitchen.It will be beneficial for you. Keep visiting for more information on some other topic.

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