Sep 29, 2015
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Makeup Look For Women Who Wear Glasses

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Makeup Look For Women Who Wear Glasses. Confession. There is something so beautiful about woman who wear glasses. From thick tortoise shell frames, to thin, black cat eye shapes, these days wearing eyeglasses has never looked better.

Check out New Trends in Cosmetic Technology While makeup can be slightly different for those that wear contact lenses to those who opt for frames, what are the best ways to enhance your eyes if you’ve chosen the latter?

Here is a simple guide on how to do your makeup when wearing glasses, that’s so easy you’ll be a pro in no time:

Less is More

When wearing eye-shadow, make sure to stick to more neutral colors on the lids. When applying more natural colors, you give your eyes a chance to stand out more behind the lenses. Adding dark, smokier colored shadows can sometimes cut the shape of your eye, making it appear smaller.

Opt for Bold Lips

Since you will most likely be sticking to a neutral eye palette, try incorporating a more bold tone for your lips. Adding color to the lips will simultaneously brighten the skin and eyes, while keeping a balanced look that doesn’t look to heavy. You can also have a lot of fun choosing the color of the lipstick based on the frames you’re wearing. For instance, if you have black frames, try a cherry red or brighter pink color. If you have more of a tortoise shell frame, opt for Bordeaux or a soft plum lipstick. You don’t have to go extreme if you aren’t comfortable, but wearing some sort of color is key.

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Eyeliner is Essential

The easiest guide for applying eyeliner when wearing glasses is to gauge the level of thickness over the frame. For instance, if you have thick frames, go thicker with the liner, and if your frames are thinner, you guessed it, more of a thin line is ideal. While pencil eyeliner is most common, we recommended using gel eyeliner instead. Gel liners tend to have longer staying power and due to intense pigment, can show up easier on the lid with minimal effort. If you want to dress up your eyeliner look, add a little wing at the end for more drama.

Lots of Mascara

Wearing mascara is the best thing you can do when wearing glasses, because even if you don’t wear anything else on your eyes, mascara will enhance them the most. Don’t be afraid to apply a few coats of a thickening mascara that will separate and add volume to the lashes. If your eyes tend to water, only apply mascara to the top lashes instead of the bottom. This will keep your makeup from smearing and smudging.

Soften with Blush

Whether you prefer a powder or cream formula, adding blush to the apples of the cheeks is a great way to soften your over-all makeup look, while enhancing cheekbones and adding highlight. Blush is essential because it will give life to the skin and help it not to look flat. Start with the apples of your cheeks and apply blush in an upward motion using a blush brush, until you get the desired pigment that you want.

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