May 10, 2019
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New Eyeglasses In Trend For 2019

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New Eyeglasses In Trend In 2019. These new eyeglasses trends we can’t wait to try this year. Glasses have been cool for quite some time.

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But we’ve been rocking the same thick black frames since they came onto the scene in the ’90s. Needless to say they could use a little updating. Whether you’re new to the whole four-eyes thing or are just looking for a refresh, these five eyewear trends are a good place to start.

New Eyeglasses In Trend In 2019


These clear frames have been a fashion blogger favorite since last year, and they’re not going anywhere. From crystal clear to tinted hues, they match with everything in your wardrobe (no coordination needed).


New Eyeglasses In Trend In 2019


Think of it like Top Gun vibes mixed with being-able-to-see vibes.

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New Eyeglasses In Trend In 2019


Harry Potter, but make it fashion. Yes, these round, wire-rimmed glasses are extra nerdy, but that’s the whole point. Lean into it with a trending cropped cardigan.

New Eyeglasses In Trend In 2019


Frames on top, pure lens down low. Because of the lack of a distinct bottom edge, these guys add softness to prominent facial features. (Looking at you, schnoz.)


If you live in Brooklyn (or want to pretend you do), this style is a prerequisite. They’re a little hipster, but they’re easy for anyone to pull off. Think of them as your favorite oversize sunglasses, but for the indoors.

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