Oct 11, 2018
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The Future of Fashion Is Arielle Charnas.

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The Future of Fashion Is Arielle Charnas. The influencer has turned her 1 million Instagram followers into the beginnings of a fashion empire and a partnership with Nordstrom that drove over $4 million in sales in a single day.

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The Future of Fashion Is Arielle Charnas

The Future of Fashion

How many times have you looked at your favorite blogger’s Instagram for outfit inspiration. Only to come to the realization that, no, you don’t have the exact same body as her? The Future of Fashion Is Arielle Charnas, known by the internet alias Something Navy, has thought a lot about that. If you had that realization and took the time to DM Charnas about how much you love her style. But wish more of her clothes came in your size — well, she has really thought about that a lot.

Following the unprecedented success of her Treasure & Bond x Something Navy capsule collection last fall, Nordstrom and Charnas decided to go for round two. This time, Charnas will be debuting a full-fledged brand, not a collaboration. Filled with pieces that are as easy to wear as they are fashion-forward — and in a more-inclusive size range than ever before.

“This is completely elevated basics,” Charnas says over the phone. “It’s your everyday basics with a twist, with a little more edge. We really wanted to find a happy medium between fashion pieces but also trends… so you’re comfortable to wear [the pieces] every day without stepping outside of your box too much”

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The Future of Fashion Is Arielle Charnas

The Future of Fashion Is Arielle Charnas. In fashion, the term “basic” tends to be a negative one. Do you really want your outfit to feel like the pumpkin spice latte of the season? But Charnas and her team have capitalized on that sensibility without apology: “We wanted to create approachable fashion pieces,” she says. And to Charnas the word “approachable” is far from anti-fashion. It’s how she earns her living. “I mean if you want to expand and grow your business I just can’t imagine why that wouldn’t be in your thought process,” she says emphatically. Ahead, she tells us a bit more about the collection, and her data-driven approach to creating it.

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