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Top 12 Easy Home Moves To Burn Your Fats in Winters

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Easy 12 moves for Fat-Burn

If you don’t have enough time to work out!! Then No Worries, Just Apply these calorie blasting tricks and You are Done !!

Rope Jumping:

Jump rope as fast as you can.
Result: 68 calories

Forward Lunge:

Do walking lunges down the hallway.
Result: 45 calories


Run around the block.
Result: 62 calories


Shovel snow (someone’s gotta do it!).
Result: 34 calories

Zumba Dancing:

Switch on the Wii for a little Zumba action.
Result: 45 calories


Vacuum the biggest room in your house.
Result: 20 calories

Snowball Fight:

Challenge your friends or family member to a snowball fight.
Result: 34 calories

Climb Up:

Walk up and down the stairs.
Result: 36 calories


Tune to Music and Go for a Jog.
Result: 45 calories


Go for a quick sled run down the nearest hill .
Result: 40 calories


Bounce on a stability ball during the commercials while watching your favourite Shows.
Result: 58 calories

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