Nov 1, 2018
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Why To Celebrate Remembrance Day Every Year

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Why To Celebrate Remembrance Day Every Year. To just bring more attention if you like to Remembrance Day which actually acknowledges from the first world war all British soldiers who have all lost their lives since that day in conflict.

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Well I strongly believe In remembrance. We need to remember those who have died and we need to learn from the past however the motion that Timur and his colleagues proposed at Cambridge and that is sometimes echoed by the royal British legend and others suggest we should only remember British military date and I want to remember British military. I have written why would we want her British civilians as well for example 60000 British civilians died in World War 2.

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Remembrance day is about acknowledging the sacrifice made by the British servicemen and women I mean that’s what it is. Well war affect everybody and for example my great granddad fought at the Somme . He fought in the British army. If he had been born instead of Birmingham he had have been fighting in the German. The German are to remember they’er dead surely.

But why can we not all recognize that suffering?

Because we were recognizing National sacrifice. But it isn’t about sacrifice when we look at World War 1 when we look at millions of people slaughtered in and magnitude before. World War 1 was a waste of human life and the second world war would be a waste too.

About the second world war which is the last major world war in the world what was your position Second World War where Adolf Hitler and the Nazis wanted to invade the country and turn it into a fascist state will be right to defend ourselves or not?

It was right to oppose Fascism and of course. Recognize that many people were motivated. Think there was a lot more to it then fighting fascism. Military force both people who do or don’t support war 1 or 2. Or another can agree on the need for remembrance. Throughout the 1930’s the British government, it was a whole load of conflicts, for a whole series of conflicts.

It was Britishers decision to go to war against Adolf Hitler and Nazis to stop invading this country and taking us over and turning us into fascist was that justified or not?

To answer this it’s not easy because basically the reason is because of the sacrifice operation our veterans had for our country. Or because people for centuries from grassroots have campaigned for free speech and campaigned for democracy and some of them who I respect at times believed that it’s necessary.

Real Facts About The Remembrance Day

Can you imagine that during the Second World War what the consequences would have been?

Well if Britain hadn’t team selling arms to fascists regimes throughout the 1930’s then consequences would be different.

Do you don’t think it was justified for Britain to go to war against Adolf Hitler and Nazis?

We would have been coming passive a Nazi. No because it’s a whole collection of differences so cool resisting Nazi occupation…

Why To Celebrate Remembrance Day Every Year

You want to remember who lost their lives in conflict would that extend for arguments sake to Isis soldiers?

I don’t want one of them, no I don’t want to say include Isis soldiers. We want to remember the realities of War. I am not wanted to honor Isis soldiers man. We want to honor who is dead but I want to honor people who had died in war. I don’t want you want a Nazi. I want to remember the British civilians who died. People personally remember soldiers died in world war.

Your intention was not to glorify war, so what was it?

Two members of my committee simply proposed the motion Kusoge the Students Union Cambridge just for them to promote their commemorations of the Poppy Appeal In Remembrance day. Most students new where the popular, honors the dead where the puppy turn up at remembrance day provision.

Some of the students who voted motion down have received death threats?

No of course not, and that is something completely, I mean it’s provoked media for raw. We are completely against student individuals. They have been misrepresented because they haven’t even band remembrance day and the wearing of the poppy it was simply about remembrance. If just simply rejected the motion of the students. You actually promoting the wearing of poppies so a lot can be construed from that and I mean that Simon’s just said typifies what the Students Union set in the debate which is a promote a profoundly anti-British sentiment.

Some has a wider point before you set down at this desk right?

Which is we must recognize the suffering even if Isis supporters we cannot pick and choose which victims we will support because at least every slope.

The more concern about recognizing the sufferings of Isis supporters then you are about endorsing emotion. Which were my honor from British students and the sacrifice made by the British soldiers in warfare. About the sufferings of Isis soldiers I do care and the history of that’s made you understand that in 1945 for example we’ve celebrated the end of a massively difficult problematic war which cost millions of lives.

Remembrance day is not about the politics behind war’s. Soldiers don’t have any say in where they are stationed. They don’t have any salient. I have kept on those noble occasions when they refused to fight. Nobody would have any Army if so calling on the British government not to sell weapons. Remembrance day is about remembering the suffering of wars so we can learn from the past. Remembering the sufferings of thousands of civilians.

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